Sunday Sojourn – with Emma Rose Millar


Jennifer C. Wilson

Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Emma Rose Millar, whose novel Five Guns Blazing is currently available on Amazon.

Emma Rose Millar Emma Rose Millar

So Emma, what first attracted you to the era you’ve written about in Five Guns Blazing?

Eighteenth-century London with its bawdy houses, pickpockets, gin shops and Tyburn hangings has always fascinated me. I imagine it as a very atmospheric era with fog and the stench from the Thames and a twisting labyrinth of alleyways with criminals concealed at every turn. Combine that with events at the time in the rest of the world, particularly America and France, then as a writer there are endless possibilities open to you. I studied quite a bit of eighteenth-century writing during my degree: Voltaire, Defoe, Congreve and many of the Romantic poets. I wanted Five Guns Blazing to have a Moll Flanders feel to it with a heroine who readers…

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