FANNY HILL by John Cleland


Great post about ‘Fanny Hill’. I bought myself this and other 18th century works of the same ilk whilst researching for Five Guns Blazing. I wanted to give it an authentic, bawdy feel. A romp of a read!

The Harbottle Review

Memoirs_of_a_Woman_of_Pleasure_Fanny_Hill_1749_edition_title_pageHaving been reduced from gentility to Grub Street, then locked up in the Fleet for debt, John Cleland set about writing a book that would sell. Thus, from the depths of his imprisonment emerges Fanny Hill, a dazzling chaos of lust and fornication, vice and masturbation, sodomy and flagellation; in fine, something for all tastes. Its success seems secure, especially since our obtuse Lords Bishops have issued warrants for the arrest of Cleland and his printer, whom they charge with corrupting the King’s subjects, an injury for which the King’s subjects are presently falling over themselves to pay six shillings.

Make no doubt that this work consists in scene upon scene of graphically depicted coition, and is like to be read tucked inside the Daily Courant; yet it stands as a hopeful parable on the duality of humankind, and how our warring opposites, the flesh and the…

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