Pirate Lady Rose!

Pirate Lady Rose!

The fantabulous Ailsa Abrahams invited me over to her blog today. Thanks for having me and for all that lovely tapas and sangria!

The Bingergread Cottage

Today I welcome another new writer with Crooked Cat Publishing. Coming in on the magic carpet is Emma Rose Millar.

Welcome, Emma Now, I know you like sangria and tapas so while Cam goes to get those, you sit here and tell me about your work. Lily will keep you company but if you don’t like dogs just ask her to go away. She’s very obliging like that.

Hi Ailsa. Well soon to be released is my novel Five Guns Blazing, co-written with Jamaican born author Kevin Allen. It’s an epic tale of piracy, slavery and treason spanning from the back streets of London to Barbados, Jamaica and the Bahamas and is based on the lives of pirates Anne Bonny, Mary Read, John Rackham and Pierre Bouspet. A huge amount of research went into it both from Kevin and myself but I absolutely loved writing it, especially finding out about…

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