Monthly Archives: January 2015

Who I am and Why I’m Here


Hello everyone,

This is my first task in the Blogging 101 course: a basic introduction. I’d already done this when I started my blog a few years ago but thought I’d take the chance to update information.

Well where to start… A few years ago I life was a nightmarish place, events spiralled out of control and culminated in a murder. So the only way I could cope was by writing, I used to write a lot as a child, I loved it in fact; I opened up my lap-top and started writing a novel. That novel went on to be short-listed for the Chaucer Prize in 2013. I have since gone on to write another novel and a children’s series which I am trying to find an agent for. My son has autism, so there are many challenges. I have written three stories then about a little boy who simply cannot do as he’s told. I truly believe that anything life throws at you can be turned around to make things better. That’s why I started blogging – as a kind of author platform. But I’m a bit of a dinosaur, a complete novice at this. I’m hoping Blogging 101 might help.